ShowBizzBuzz: Anna Frankl-Duval Leads Secret Revolt in ‘The Resistance’

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Actress Anna Frankl-Duval leads a secret female revolution in the new dramatic short film, The Resistance. The film is currently working the festival circuit with recent screenings at the Portland Film Festival and Berkshire Film Festival. Still to come are the Chelsea Film Festival, San Jose International Film Festival, Reading Film Festival and Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival.

‘The Resistance’

What is the premise of The Resistance?

Directed by Natasha Straley and written by Lenore Marks, The Resistance is described as: Set in the near future, the United States has been overthrown by a totalitarian authority and is now known as The Regime Republic. Best friends Emma (Lenore Marks) and Chloe (Anna Frankl-Duval), tired of brutal reforms that aim to remove women from positions of power, start an underground resistance movement. After their first plan is foiled by The Regime, they must figure out a way to get their message out before it is too late.

Anna Frankl-Duval stars in ‘The Resistance’

What does Anna Frankl-Duval say about this project?

“Chole is direct, honest and unafraid to stand up for what she believes in — she’s a total badass, how could I not love playing her? On top of that, this project was powered by a team of insanely talented and creative women. It was such a supportive set to work on. The Resistance is one of the most empowering and inspiring experiences of my career so far.”

Anna Frankl-Duval in ‘The Resistance’

Where else have we seen Anna Frankl-Duval?

Anna is a multi-talent having written, produced and starred in the festival hit indie short If Only, earning a Best Actress nomination at the Festival of Cinema NYC. She also starred in the FunnyOrDie favorite short American Deportation. Her theater credits include German Munoz’s How Will I Know at London’s White Bear Theatre and Brighton Fringe Festival; Vikki Stone’s Definitely at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival; and Robert Auletta’s Agamemnon: Redux at LAB at the Roger Smith Hotel.

What else do we know about Anna Frankl-Duval?

The daughter of two international journalists, Anna is a graduate of New York’s American Academy of Dramatic Arts, speaks French fluently, and considers herself a proud feminist.

Anna Frankl-Duval

How can you keep up with Anna Frankl-Duval?

Visit her website at:
Or find her on social media
Instagram: @annafranklduval
Twitter: @AFranklDuval
Facebook: AnnaFranklDuvalActor



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