ShowBizzBuzz: Costumer Lisa Sass Brings Artful Approach to Work

3 min readJun 22, 2023
Costumer Lisa Sass behind the scenes of ‘PERRY MASON’

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Who is Buzzworthy?

Lisa Sass is a film and television Costumer who approaches her job with the belief that clothing is a creative art form. And, it’s paying off.

What are some projects that Lisa Sass has worked on?

Most recently, Lisa has been gaining attention as part of the costume team who helped recreate the 1950’s feel for Steven Spielberg’s Oscar nominated film The Fabelmans. She worked on-set, directly with the actors, to assist them with craft their character through their period costumes.

In addition, she recently showcased her skills in the television arena for her work on the highly touted 1930’s era HBO series Perry Mason. It was critical that the clothing sustained the look and feel of the Great Depression, which spanned 8 episodes and utilized hundreds of actors.

Lisa Sass working on set with actor Sam Rechner of ‘THE FABELMANS’

What’s the first steps Lisa Sass takes on a project?

First, Lisa reads the script to uncover details about the characters and the circumstances they find themselves in. Then, she researches the time period and visuals or images that might influence the overall look. When she’s not the lead on a project, she also makes sure to uphold the overall vision of the Costumer Designer.

What does Lisa Sass say about the importance of good costuming?

“If you shoot a period movie, costuming can make or break the authenticity of that story. But it also sets the mood and pulls you into the social surrounding of the story. If something doesn’t fit in, be it subtle or glaringly obvious, you’ll notice it, even subconsciously, and it can take you out of an otherwise good plot.”

Lisa Sass getting dirty working on ‘6 UNDERGROUND’

What’s up next for Lisa Sass?

Lisa worked on FX’s upcoming TV mini-series, The Sterling Affairs, which takes place in 2014 and revolves around the Los Angeles Clippers basketball team owner Donald Sterling’s fall from grace.

What is Lisa Sass’s background?

Originally from Germany, Lisa studied Costume Design at the University of Applied Science and Arts. She began working on smaller projects in Germany before moving to Los Angeles to continue her career. Today, she works on projects that have budgets in the hundreds of millions.

Lisa’s credits include Costumer Designer for Tubi’s original horror film Tow, and Costume team for Lionsgate’s Shattered, Paramount’s Star Trek Beyond, Netflix’s War Machine and 6 Underground, Amazon Prime’s One Night in Miami…, and Lucasfilm/Disney’s Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Want to keep up with Costumer Lisa Sass?

Find her on Instagram: @misssass_y




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