ShowBizzBuzz: Elaine Kao in New Disney Channel Movie ‘Upside-Down Magic’

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Who is Buzzworthy?

Actress Elaine Kao, who emerges the as the magical Professor Han in the Disney Channel’s newest family-friendly movie, Upside-Down Magic, premiering on July 31st.

Elaine Kao

What is the premise of Upside-Down Magic?

Based on the bestselling children’s book of the same name, Upside-Down Magic follows 13-year old Nory Boxwood Horace (Izabela Rose) and her friends at the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. Entering as a new student, Nory’s wonky magic and ability to turn into a half-kitten, half-dragon sends her to a class for Upside-Down Magic, or UDM. As she learns to develop her skills under Professor Han (Elain Kao), Nory set out to prove that upside-down is better than right side up.

‘Upside-Down Magic’ — still (courtesy: Disney Channel)

What does Elaine Kao have to say about playing Professor Han?

“Professor Han was originally written as a non-Asian male so I was thrilled when I got this role. I love that one of the themes of the film is about embracing what makes you different and unique and that I am part of such a wonderful, diverse cast.”

‘Upside-Down Magic’ — on set with Elaine Kao and Izabela Rose

Where else have we seen Elaine Kao?

For two seasons, Elaine starred as Detective Lucky Ling solving sticky racial situations in the Viola Davis produced web series American Koko. Her credits also include roles in NCIS-LA, and the feature films Wedding Palace and Bridesmaids. Her national commercials include spots for Xfinity, Geico, McDonald’s, Wells Fargo, Honda, Budlight, and many others.

‘American KoKo’ (photo courtesy:

What else can we expect from Elaine Kao?

Elaine has been busy lately and can be seen recurring as Anne in the upcoming Season 2 of TNT’s sci-fi drama, Snowpiercer. Plus, she just finished shooting the indie coming-of-age feature film, Manifest West, from filmmaking team Joe Dietsch and Louis Gibson.

Want a fun fact about Elaine Kao?

We’ve been told that in her free time, Elaine is a world traveler and loves to tasting different cultures and cuisines. She is also a Reiki healer and plans to learn more of the healing arts.

How can you keep up with Elaine Kao?

Visit her website at:
Or find her on social media
Instagram: @thatelainekao
Twitter: @elainekao




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