ShowBizzBuzz: Gia Bay Enchants in Sci-Fi Thriller Series ‘Chaser’

3 min readMay 1, 2024
Gia Bay stars in ‘Chaser’

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Who is Buzzworthy?

Actress Gia Bay, who causes an obsessive love triangle starring as Anabel Ruysch in the original streaming sci-fi thriller series, Chaser, on Amazon Prime Video.

The series comes from creator Daniel Roemer and executive producers Jeremy Howe (Young Sheldon), Matthew Helderman (Conversations with a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes), and Buffalo 8’s Luke Taylor (Cosmic Sin).

What is the premise of Chaser?

The 8-episode series follows Eddi Sebastian (Russ Russo), a second-rate film editor enchanted by actress Anabel Ruysch (Bay), who is already involved with another man and barely even knows Eddi exists. When he discovers the power to re-edit the last 24 hours, Eddi can now control the object of his desire — at least until things get out of control.

What does Gia Bay have to say about starring in the series?

“The minute I read the script I felt connected to Anabel, and I wanted to dive deeper into her world and this story. She is a woman, conflicted but with a dream that gives her a reason to keep pushing every day. Her desire for her dream is so deep that it keeps her going every single day. As an actress, I wanted to explore the depth of that.”

Where else have we seen Gia Bay?

Fans will recognize Gia for her breakout role as Chozanne Lopez on CBS show, Diggstown. She can be heard on Netflix as the English voice of Sara in the crime drama series Skylines, and as multiple characters in the crime caper, Rising High.

Want an interesting fact about Gia Bay?

A Toronto native, Gia now resides in Los Angeles and spends her time off-camera fundraising for worthy causes, including Share Inc. which helps fund multiple children’s charitable organizations.

What’s next for Gia Bay?

Gia is working behind the scenes developing a new project alongside her Diggstown co-star Shailene Garnett.

How can you keep up with Gia Bay?

Find her on Instagram: @giabay
Facebook: /giabaygiabay




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