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Filmmaker and actress Malie Mason takes two of her original eccentric comedy short films to the festival circuit this spring.

First up, the fantastical action-adventure comedy, Secret Island Adventure. The film just premiered on May 2nd at the Midwest Action Festival where it won the award for ‘Best Adventure Film’ and Malie won for ‘Best Actress’.

Then coming this June, Malie will premiere the slow-burn sci-fi comedy, The Virgin Amus, at the Twister Alley Film Festival.

Malie Mason (R) and Jeanette Maus (L) in ‘Secret Island Adventure’

What is the premise of Secret Island Adventure?

The film is described as: centering around Kelly (Malie Mason), a party girl who gets stranded on a deserted island and stumbles upon a mysterious crystal. After months of foraging for herself, she runs into PROG (Jeanette Maus), an evil billionaire searching for the crystal. When PROG discovers Kelly has the crystal, she will stop at nothing to obtain the ultimate power it provides. Not ready to die or hand over the crystal, Kelly has a different idea — and then they battle with magic swords.

Malie Mason in ‘Secret Island Adventure’

What is the story of The Virgin Amus?

This one is described as: an absurd tale about Amus (Marc Winnick), a man who banishes himself to a trailer in the desert to run the term of his scientifically consequential pregnancy. The only problem is his land is an oil goldmine and big company representative Kate Sinclair (Malie Mason) is determined to buy the belly-popping Amus out.

Malie Mason in ‘The Virgin Amus’

What does Malie Mason have to say about her two latest films?

“I am beyond stoked to share these two, very different, films with all my fellow lil’ freaks. Secret Island Adventure stemmed from an idea to shoot an entire film through sword fighting, and The Virgin Amus is more stylized, and brings up a discussion about gender, fluidity, religion and unknown magic. Both are a lot of fun, and will hopefully be enjoyed by all the organisms wanting to get a little silly.”

Malie Mason (L) and Marc Winnick (R) in ‘The Virgin Amus’

Where else have you seen Malie Mason?

Malie has been creating and starring for online platforms for some time. She’s become known for her humorous sketches on, specifically in the series Preface to Being Jaded. She has also been highlighted in comedy videos on Elizabeth Banks’ comedy site WhoHaha.

Previously on the festival circuit, Malie gained attention for directing, producing, and starring in the futuristic comedy, Notochord Cove, which earned her a ‘Best Actress’. She also wrote, co-directed and starring in The Fabulous Monk, winning the award for ‘Best Short’ at the California Children’s Festival.

What is Malie Mason’s background?

A Phoenix, Arizona native, Malie is currently on her creative journey in Hollywood as a multi-hyphenate, specializing in creative direction, acting, production and writing. Like many rising artists, she started acting in musical theatre and then discovered she had wider interests. Today, she creates all things entertainment under her Grown-Ups Inc production banner and is currently working on a new original puppet musical called My Boring Life: The Musical.

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