ShowBizzBuzz: Matt Shevin in Lifetime TV Movie Mystery ‘Her Secret Family Killer’

3 min readFeb 16, 2020


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Who is Buzzworthy?

Actor Matt Shevin, who stars as Sheriff Roger in the new original Lifetime TV movie mystery-thriller, Her Secret Family Killer, premiering on February 16, 2020.

Matt Shevin

What is the premise of the Her Secret Family Killer?

The story is described as: centering around Sarah (Brooke Nevin), who receives a genetic testing kit as a birthday gift from her best friend, who is tragically killed that same night. Weeks later, Sarah unexpectedly gets a knock on her door from the local Sheriff (Shevin), revealing the killer’s DNA is similar to her own. The mystery takes a turn, exposing someone related to Sarah killed her best friend…but who?

What else do we know about the movie?

Joining Brooke and Matt, the movie also stars Darin Brooks, from The Bold and the Beautiful fame, and Diora Biard. It was directed by Lisa France and written by Brooke Purdy.

What does Matt Shevin have to say about playing Sheriff Roger?

“This was one of the most rewarding experiences of my career. The cast and crew joined together to create a thriller that is an instant classic.”

Matt Shevin — on set of ‘Her Secret Family Killer’

Where have we seen Matt Shevin before?

Matt appeared in Adam Carolla’s semi-autobiographical indie feature, Road Hard, about a veteran stand-up comic forced back on the road after hitting hard times. Daytime drama fans will recognize him from a few episodes of The Bold and the Beautiful; and late-night watchers have seen him pop-up on in skits on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno.

Matt hit more that 45 festivals as writer, co-producer and star of The Beneficiary, a featurette thriller directed by Theodore Melfi, who went on to become an Academy Award nominee for Hidden Figures.

What else can we expect from Matt Shevin?

Up next, Matt is creating and starring in the workplace comedy series, Hucksters, about the chaotic world of a creative advertising agency.

Want a fun fact about Matt Shevin?

We hear Matt has a soft spot in his heart for his pit bull pup, Ricky. Plus, he is all about sharing what he’s learned with other aspiring artists in his blog:

Matt Shevin & Ricky

How can you keep up with Matt Shevin?

Visit his website at:
Or find him on social media
Instagram: @mattshevin
Twitter: @mattshevin




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