ShowBizzBuzz: Stephanie Czajkowski in Big-Hearted Adventure Film ‘The Call of the Wild’

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Who is Buzzworthy?

Actress Stephanie Czajkowski, who appears alongside the good-natured dog Buck in the new family adventure film, The Call of the Wild, in theaters now.

The film stars Harrison Ford in the live action / computer animated tale from director Chris Sanders and adapted by Michael Green from the original short adventure novel by Jack London.

Stephanie Czajkowski

What is the premise of The Call of the Wild?

Described as: the journey of a good-natured dog named Buck, as he searches for his true place in the world during the Gold Rush of the 1890’s. Stolen from his home and transplanted to the frozen wilderness, Buck crosses paths with John Thornton (Ford) along the way to becoming his own master. While working in the Alaskan Yukon as a mail delivery sled dog, Bucks meets the local Postmaster (Czajkowski), delivering news to fortune seekers in the rough country.

What does Stephanie Czajkowski have to say about her journey working on the film?

“I found out I booked the role at the start of my breast cancer journey. I didn’t know what treatment or losing my hair would mean for me, but I was determined to recover and this job gave me something extra to fight for. I also recognized that director Chris Sanders was expanding this very male dominated world to include more diversity and I was hand-picked to represent the real-life women of the Yukon. Nothing was going to stop me, just like Buck.”

Where else can we see Stephanie Czajkowski?

Stephanie appears in the newly released web series, I Friggin Love You. In the “Warrior Love” episode, Jade (Czajkowski) and Nick test their wedding vow ‘in sickness and health’ when cancer tries to pull them apart. The project was created by Fanny Veliz Grande and Nelson Grande, who also co-stars as Stephanie’s husband.

Stephanie Czajkowski and Nelson Grande in ‘I Friggin Love You’

What is Stephanie Czajkowski working on next?

Stephanie looks so different you might not have recognized it was even her. But, she will be back — and bald — once again returning for Season 2 as Hammerhead in the DC Universe popular streaming superhero series, Doom Patrol. A fan favorite, Hammerhead is the bad-ass fighting personality stuck in Jane’s head.

What have you seen Stephanie Czajkowski in previously?

Well, Stephanie has been in a bunch of stuff, including the feature film, Breakthrough, as Chrissy Metz’s friend Melissa. On TV, she’s appeared on Bones, Shameless, Grey’s Anatomy, NCIS: LA, Jane the Virgin, How to Get Away with Murder, Supergirl and numerous other shows.

Stephanie Czajkowski as Hammerhead in ‘Doom Patrol’

What might surprise you about Stephanie Czajkowski?

Apparently, her bald head as Hammerhead was not a character choice. It was the result of her real-life battle with three types of unrelated cancer — she calls this her “cancer trifecta”. She is a proven fighter, surviving and thriving after a thyroid removal, six chemo sessions, a double mastectomy and 25 sessions of radiation. The good news — she’s now in remission. Stephanie writes about her health journey at:

How can you keep up with Stephanie Czajkowski?

Visit her website at:
Or find her on social media
Instagram: @SkiSays
Twitter: @SkiSays
Facebook: /StephCzski




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