ShowBizzBuzz: Travis Richey Surfaces on ‘Sugar’ and ‘CSI:Vegas’

3 min readApr 25, 2024
Actor Travis Richey

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Who is Buzzworthy?

Actor Travis Richey, who surfaces in mysterious situations appearing in two different shows, the new Apple TV detective series Sugar, with Colin Farrell, and the fan favorite CBS cop drama, CSI:Vegas.

What is the premise of Sugar?

Dubbed a ‘genre-bending detective series’, Sugar follows Private Investigator John Sugar (played by Colin Farrell) as he explores the disappearance of the granddaughter of a legendary Hollywood producer.

Travis Richey appears in the first episode “Olivia,” as Sugar seeks — coerces — answers from Gary Bascomb (Richey), building manager where the subject of his investigation resides.

Colin Farrell and Travis Richey in ‘Sugar’ (Apple TV)

Who does Travis Richey portray on CSI:Vegas?

This remains a mystery. All we know is that Travis is set to appear in the episode scheduled to premiere on May 5, 2024 in what is being called a ‘grisly situation’.

What does Travis Richey have to say about working on these shows?

“Working on these shows has been a series of new and incredible experiences for me. Acting with Colin Farrell on SUGAR was an absolute delight. On set we worked the script and adjusted the dialogue on the fly to suit the actual downtown location we were using. And then, getting my first full face cast for CSI: VEGAS is something I’ve always wanted to do.”

Where else have you seen Travis Richey?

Fans of the NBC television series Community will recognize Travis as Inspector Spacetime. This led to Travis creating the viral hit web series, The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Web Series About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time, which he starred in as The Inspector. He appeared on the CBS show The Talk, ABC Family fav Pretty Little Liars and starred in the web series original Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy.

What else is Travis Richey working on?

Travis has lot of projects in the works, including the sci-fi comedy Timewrecked, written in collaboration with Curtiss Frisle, and season two of Robot, Ninja & Gay Guy. He also co-hosts with musician Matt Runquist of Spanko Stankhole, the podcast Exposing Ourselves, taking turns exposing each other to their favorite music and movies.

Travis is also an author. His first novel, The Vampires’ Curse (Decimus), recently published from 4 Horsemen Publications. And coming soon, he is publishing a companion novel to his web series, The Inspector Chronicles: Untitled Novel About a Space Traveler Who Can Also Travel Through Time.

Robert Picardo and Travis Richey in ‘The Inspector Chronicles’

How can you keep up with Travis Richey?

Check him out on YouTube at:
Follow on Instagram: @TheTravisRichey




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